Team Bad Frog

Team Bad Frog
Beyond All Doubt Fully Rely On God

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just received this email from fellow BAD FROG Robby Drake. It is a great testimony to how we as members of the body of Christ, working through a ministry can effect the world. The creative possibilities are infinite. Thanks Robby for your service to and witness of Christ through all that you do.



I am sponsoring, my U12 girls soccer team, on behalf of our Tri Club. We are currently in first place after 7 games and have allowed only 3 goals all season. What was really cool is this. On our uniforms, being sensitive to other religious affiliations, we printed the silhouette of a frog, and then the words “BADFROG multisport”, with no other explanation. After a practice a couple of mothers came to me and expressed their approval, and knowledge that BADFROG means to beyond all doubt fully rely on God. That moment was really cool; they appreciated our silent witness to them with out shoving it into their faces. As we spoke, and witnessed to each other several other players and parents learned of the meaning and were similarly moved. This is pointed because one of my favorite Christian songs goes “They will know we are Christians by our love”.


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